我们主导的视频团队每年为海内外设计事务所制作数十条具有创造力的动态影像,在从事建筑景观视频项目之前,我们已有上百部的 TVC 与大型城市宣传片的制作经验。我们惯用 BMPCC 6K PRO电影口袋摄影机与 INSPIRE2 机组进行创作,亦可根据项目加入ARRI ALEXA MINI 电影摄影机。

The video team under our leadership produces dozens of creative dynamic images for domestic and foreign design firms every year. Before being engaged in architectural landscape video projects, we have the production experience of hundreds of TVC and large city promotional films. We are used to creating using BMPCC 6K PRO film pocket camera and INSPIRE2 unit and we can also add ARRI ALEXA MINI film camera according to the project.
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